Latest Thinking - Innovation

Design Thinking – explained in 5 minutes

Read in brief how Design Thinking works and what the method can do for your company.

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What we do - Innovation

We accompany our clients to be radical user-oriented and innovative

We help companies and departments to build up an Innovation Team for new growth and accompany you in the implementation of the Lean Startup and Design Thinking method.

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Customer Case Studies - Innovation Consulting

Process optimization was the driver for the Start-up Outtaskery, a platform for digital services

Learn more about what kind of principles helped us to think of complete new service solutions.

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Reuse-Recycle – an example of the Lean Startup Method

Reuse-Recycle aims to use innovative products and services to avoid computer and electronic waste, to reuse it or to recycle it in Germany according to the highest standards. In the beginning, experiments were quickly brought to market and customer feedback was used.

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